Spiral Siphon for Easy Start and Stop: No Need for the Trouble with a Bell Siphon inside the Grow Bed

Since a lot of people are complaining with bell siphons, I did not bother with building one for my grow bed inside a 6×8 feet greenhouse. I chose to build a simple spiral siphon, easy to start and easy to break. Here is the video (if you live inside China and can understand Chinese, click […]

Improvement on DripGrow Microgreens: Automatic Water Feeding & Recycling Using Double Filtration

Note: After testing, we have found that this water recycling setup is NOT effective in removing orginc waste buildup. Therefore, not recommend to be used for growing microgreens. Effort has been made to improve the DripGrow microgreens system created last time and reported here. Watch the following video first: One consideration is to recycle the […]

New Design Based on Airlift DripGrow: Auto Feeding and Recollecting Water for Microgreens

I made the following short video showing how everything works. If you are and DIY handy man, you know how to do it right away after watching this video: I used a simple airlift pump made with a T-connector to feed water from the top of stacked grow trays, creating a water dripping flow. It […]

New Design for Hydroponic Vertical Grow Towers Powered by Airlift Pumps

I posted a video on YouTube, watch it now: If you prefer to watching the video on Vimeo, please click here. Before I came up with the version I call “DripGrow Tower”, I had tried several versions, some of which you can see in the video, including one made with a long bamboo pole. The […]