Starting from a single idea of “I want to grow my own food”, I went through another critical point: how to make an all-climate greenhouse that is both energy efficient and cheap in cost to build and run.

Eventually I found it. In fact, inventor Richard Nelson in east Canada had come up with a neat idea he called SolaRoof, that uses soap bubbles to insulate a double layer greenhouse with the capacity to obsorb solar thermal energy during the night and store it for night use. A high R value can be achieved this way to create a controlled envrironment that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

To my surprise, this technology has been around for 40 years and still not many people know about it. A guy in China had successfully copied the idea and duplicated in his agricultural rearch center in Zhejiang province. A couple Kat and Ross Elliot in Ontario had used this technology to build a greenhouse that can withstand -30 degree Celsius conditions.

Eventually I have started the project of teaching people how to build it DIY and also mass produce our own line of products called PyraPOD. Learn more about it here at our new website:

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After obtaining his PhD in Electrochemistry in 1994, Aubrey has done many things over the past 24 years, such as post-doctoral research work in Materials Chemistry at UIUC (Urbana-Champaign at University of Illinois), lifetime free-lance preaching, current director of TheoLogos Publications, 014599190 Global Inc, and, former salesman of diamond tools for Superprem Industries, former director of DiaSolid Kitchen & Bath, finishing carpenters, etc. Currently taking injury leave from working for CRE Green, a solar company in Kelowna, BC. After all these experiences, his life motto is this: sharp mind must combine with skillful hands.

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